Maanaveeya Holdings and Investment Private Limited
Maanaveeya Holdings and Investment Private Limited is an Indian subsidiary of Oikocredit, a 30 year old global development financing institution that responds to the needs of businesses for the disadvantage people. Maanaveeya operates throughout India and works towards sustainable development by providing capital to business undertakings that create jobs and income for underprivileged people.

Progressive Cooperative Credit Society Limited
Progressive Cooperative Credit Society is an organization dedicated to the financial inclusion of the marginalized sections of society. It is registered as a Multistate Cooperative Credit Society (Credit & Deposit Union) to serve the needs of under developed people of seven states, large and densely populated states of North India.

Ruach Technology Infrastructure Private Limited
Ruach Technology Infrastructure Private Limited was formed in October 2011 with the motivation of providing Information Technology & Human Resources related solutions to its customers. Ruach has been involved in identifying the technological needs of its customers in financial sector and thereafter providing relevant solutions for these financial institutions such as Core Banking Solution. It has also been involved into the various HR related activities and providing manpower for the solutions to the partners.

Progressive Development Initiatives
is a Section 8 [Non-Profit making] company with the objective to mitigate poverty in India, by supporting orphans, widows and other marginalized people financially and providing loan for self-employment; to organize health, hygiene and sanitation related programs; to provide non-formal and formal education; and to respond to natural calamities by providing relief and long term rehabilitation.