Our Technology and Infrastructure Group coordinates with our enterprise-wide technology initiatives in three main functions: Technology Setup, Technology Maintenance and New Technology Management. The Technology and Infrastructure Group plans for the technology needs of our entire organization, especially in the case of expansion, identifies the technology assets that meet our specifications and is responsible for vendor relationships and the acquisition and installation of the necessary solutions. Our on-going Technology Maintenance planning includes provisions for power backup for individual hardware and generator backup for branches, data security and digital backups and internet bandwidth and redundancy. New technologies that could improve our functioning are always being evaluated, from document management systems to point-of-sale units to thin-client computers and virtual computing workstations.

Our current basic infrastructure model is that all the branch offices, district offices and head office host Application Servers and the Application Servers connect to the centrally located SwiftBank Database Server through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over high-speed broadband connection. Power backup through UPS is provided to all the offices to all the computers.

Core Banking Solutions Our operations run on a core banking solution called SwiftBank maitained by Ruach Technologies.This solution keeps track of evert client,disbursed loan and repayment and has been live in every office(branch,district and Head Office).With the web-based solution,any transaction that is recorded in any of the branches gets reflected in the system instantaneously.All offices are connected to this online system through an Internet link and the data is stored centrally on a database server hosted in a remote safe location.

TAB Banking Solutions The field productivity has been considerably improved by the implementation of TAB banking,which has enabled our field excutives to conduct their daily transactions.It provides better access to product information,various tools for efficient transactions and monitoring.

Additional Technology Developments VFL,has very recently provided new technology advantages to the client by giving them access to SMS facility,which enables the client to receive SMS on every transaction he/she does.

Second major milestone that has been achieved was implementation of Java based Core Banking Solution with the help of Ruach Technology. We are trying to focus more on platform independent and open source technologies. This is the reason we are using tools and technologies which are freely available on the Internet thus by reducing the cost.